Sunday, November 15, 2015

Linda M. Crate- Three Poems

let's heal the world in love 
my soul is restless
it just wants to touch the
backs of stars
dance across inequity 
burn away pain, misery, and hate
until only love, peace, and
kindness remain;
i want to dance in the staircase
of heaven,
and make this world a better place
one worth living in
just want to dress the faces of everyone
i touch with a smile
to remind them only love can change this world
for fighting hatred with hatred hasn't done any
of us any good—
why can't we embrace peace,
is rage and our ego and our rightness
more important than being
kind or right? 
i was never accepted for being me,
and so i try to accept others for being themselves
because none of us can choose who we are
we simply are,
and each of us is beautiful in our unique ways;
just like there are many different animals
of various hues
so are people and we are all gorgeous—
i don't understand the need to hurt someone else
blowing out someone else's candle
doesn't make yours shine brighter.

let us truly love 
everyone is guilty of something
no one is innocent,
but we are beautiful despite our brokenness
we can't so far that we cannot be
but hatred can never drive out hate
evil cannot be repaid for evil
without blinding
the entire world and if it is hard for them to 
see with their eyes how can they be
expected to see with their
we have to be forgiving and less prone to revenge
less driven to anger burning hotter than fire
if we don't respond with offense
we can kill the flame,
drown it in the waters of love;
i wish we could all embrace peace and kindness
for in the end
love is the strongest force on earth
the only one that can 
grant us wings
when we've been broken beyond repair
for love forgives all things.

be the bigger person 

if we could respect one another
instead of throwing insults
with relish and relief
perhaps we could see the power of words
can truly be more profound
than our inaction
words can cut deep into the heart and leave
and if we can't help one another
the least we could do
is stop hurting one another simply for the pleasure
of being right;
in the end only kindness matters
only love can endure us,
and hate cannot be destroyed with hate; 
so i will stand on these pillars of love
pray and live and kiss away
all the sorrow that i 
because we all deserve a better planet
to live on,
and i must be the change i wish to see in this world.

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