Sunday, November 8, 2015

Matt Borczon- Three Poems

Matt Borczon is a nurse and Navy sailor from Erie Pa, he served in the busiest combat hospital in Afghanistan in 2010-2011 he writes about his experiences there and about the difficulty returning home. His work has appeared in 1947, Big Hammer the pressure press, busted Dharma dissident voice as well as many other small press publications.


I hope
you will
burn my
body in
an Edinboro
field load
my ashes
in a
box car
for a
short ride
back to
town pour
them out
in the
back yard
where they
can stick
to the 
sweat on
all my
ghosts the
and armless
the soldiers
shut down
by depression
or manic
and crazy
the marines
dead by
their own 
hands all
crowded into
the space
left by
my life
where they
can sit
because I
may have
to die
but I
don’t want
to leave
until the
dead carry
the wounded
far far

October 2015

Choose your fate

In the
Navy we
say choose
your rate
your fate
so I
I don’t
know what 
I thought
I thought
I would
help not
hurt people
not shoot
soldiers but
treat their
only I
never stopped
to think
that bullet
holes are
not smaller
or less
bloody if
you don’t
see them
go in
an amputated
leg is
no lighter
to carry
or easier
to find
if you 
do not
see the
the children
do not 
look less
they are
not mine
I chose
5 years
ago and
now it
chooses me
whole or
in pieces.

October 2015

small good thing

Some days
I need
to look
for the
small good
thing I
can hold
in my
hand catch
in my
eye stick
in my
head feel
on my
skin it
pushes the
ghosts to
the back
of my
life and
makes the
sit on
the side
to wait
for a
ride out
of my
or so
I hope
so I
listen for
old Beatles
songs on
the radio
birds in
the trees
the email
from an
old friend
the good
poem the
free sandwich
the hug
I don’t
ask for
I can 
find or
make beg
borrow or
anything at
all to
remind myself
that the
war is
really over
and I
will someday
make it
October 2015

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