Monday, November 30, 2015

Dennis Villelmi- Two Poems

"What I Had Stolen For Heaven's Sake"

As jade, obtained as the de facto hue of heaven-
   It was theft, though; the criminal was indispensable.
I woke up in, or fell asleep and dreamt in, the Nanjing gardens;
I was caught quickly by the leopard lilies, their beauty and their
   Offers to cure me of the the previous hour's arrows.
The gardens gave me rock to sit on, my steps managed with
   Buckling legs.
       'I have not, however, the jade.  And as I hired the thief, the
           sky I got it for by twist won't allow me the wings.  All
           heaven would have me do is simply count the massacred.'

-Carthage is whispering.  It's cultured its gardens from time to time
    And in an album of locales.  Blood, salt, Baal and the beating of
    Roman sandals.

       'Dido wanted some change though; change as jade.'

"Greenhouse Hot Contempt"

347 pages of crossroads.
I know it was petty of me-
Petty wrath for over wilted gerbers.
Yet, there was another reason I cursed you:
That was my death; my death you took.
My death you lie there with.
I'm done with biography and greenhouses, or so I
Was till I made the mistake of training you.
Now it'll be another season at least of planting and
Consolidation.  Dirty, leafy, 90  degrees F crossroads.
It's damn frantic to the right, the left it's like Sicily and Korea
Peppers, the candy-like scent and the green death I'm again
I wish the owner would fire all the harvesters by New Year's.

Dennis Villelmi is the author of the gothic epic poem "Fretensis," as well as the dystopian short story, "The Apian Way." (Dagda Publishing)  Additionally, he has a good number of poems published by Dagda, Dead Snakes, and Aphelion webzine.  He also writes freelance for 

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