Monday, November 2, 2015

Adam Levon Brown- A Poem

Our Last Stand

Poetry is our last stand
In this corporate-sponsored world,
censorship becomes the norm.
Our words, our writing, our poetry
these are the things they can not take from us

Poetry is our last stand,
our only means of expressing
what we think and feel
Our evolutionary revolution
through language

Poetry is our last stand
We have no corporate sponsors,
we have no plans of  "selling out to the man"
We fight daily to tell our stories,
to paint pictures in the minds of our readers

Poetry is our last stand
Every poet has beating within them;
a heart of a rebel;
coursing with the blood of resistance;
pitted against a world full of compliance
and conformity to apathy.

Poetry is our last stand


Adam Levon Brown is a published Poet and Author residing in Eugene, Oregon.
He has 2 published books of poetry and has been featured in several places,
Including First Literary Review – East, Section 8 Magazine, and Leaves of Ink.

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