Sunday, April 10, 2016

Michael Estabrook- Three Poems

Brief Bio Michael Estabrook:

Retired now writing more poems
working more outside
just noticed 2 Cooper’s hawks staked out
in our yard or above it I should say
which explains the disappearing chipmunks.

Mom’s Snake Dream

I’m underground
the walls are covered with tiles
blue tiles
like in a subway station
so I guess I’m in a subway
but some of the tiles have holes in them
and there are snakes
everywhere snakes
some snakes crawl through
the holes in the tiles
my father shows up
comes walking towards me
come to save me
and he’s stepping on the snakes
he doesn’t have a choice
they cover the ground


She got so angry at me for turning down the heat
2 degrees when no one was in the house
yelling at me like I was
a little boy so I vowed to leave it
the hell alone, not worth being scolded.
But alas a week later I’m back to my old tricks
stealing into the hallway
to the thermostat
turning it down a degree or 2 looking
over my shoulder all the while.
I was raised poor
so I can’t help myself.


So what’s wrong with all this
the shadows in the hallway
splinters of light sneaking out beneath some
of the doors.

Do you have to watch TV all damn night
haven’t you more important things to do
something, anything important?
learn something earn something
a university degree perhaps
or some money
paint the garage
clean the gutters, repair the shutters
pull some weeds, call your mother

So what’s behind those shadowy doors
in the hallway
do you even know?
have you tried to figure it out?
can’t you look?
grab a flashlight and take a look?
No, of course not, no.
You’re too busy sitting on the sofa
watching crime mysteries on TV
for crying out loud.

What would Dad say about you
wasting so much time?
Or Grandma Sadie
What would Thomas More do if he knew
or FDR or Caesar
or Dante, Michelangelo, Mozart
Ernest Hemingway or Jesus . . .

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