Sunday, March 30, 2014

Sue Ann Simar- Two Poems


a word is not an outcome
a word in the mouth of a dying child

the brightness of a daughter, a first-born son
their same skin reeks of outcome

to inhale and become a repeating form
a body in the midst of many bodies

to witness is to victimize
moments when you are already dead

you're already dead if you look at these bodies and
aren't anchored by tears


the dense black tangle of a dream.
A man without shadow prophesying fire,
a layering of atoms, a need for an ark.
There is a hole in the center of his heart
where a spark glows, but no one knows if
it hurts or not, if it is sacred or not,
or what to do.

Sue Ann Simar does not know what to do about greed, hunger, and suffering.
"I don't think anyone knows what to do about it. When I write a poem about someone else's despair, I wonder if I am also victimizing that person. I try to cope by treating the people I know fairly and without cruelty."
Simar lives in West Virginia--a state with a high poverty rate and low ratings for education. Simar most recently published in Backbone and The Montucky Review. She participates in The Madwomen in the Attic writing program affiliated with Carlow University.

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