Saturday, March 1, 2014

Douglas Polk- Two Poems


the television cameras gone,
but the killing continues,
ignored by the powers that be,
pawns in a chess game,
manipulated and forgotten,
while the Olympics played,
medal counts,
much more important than body counts,
Syria will survive,
only the Syrians will die,
people replaceable,
with more always on the way,
what is the problem,
our job to inform and entertain,
the television cameras have moved on to the Ukraine.

The Civilized

the lives saved,
only an illusion,
the years extended,
but the truth being,
everyone must die,
the government only wants to decide,
the how and the when,
and the why,
your life was never truly your own,
naive beyond the pale,
if you did not know better,
the civilized.

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