Sunday, March 23, 2014

Sayyad Sheriff- A Poem

Armageddon’s Epiphany: The Exodus of the Elements.

Blood to blood
Vanquish Earth for wrath
Blistering hot and scorching cold
Enslave Wind for gluttony
Bane genre or boon species
Annihilate Water for sloth

Corpse to corpse
Victimize Fire for lust
Darkest time and brightest space
Mutilate Earth for envy
Apex predator or alpha prey
Abduct Wind for greed

Ashes to ashes
Execute Water for pride
Dusky sun and dawny moon
Retaliate Fire for ignorance
Index patient or fittest survivor
Exorcise the hegemonic Elements for apocalyptic angsts to the cathartic genesis

Sayyad Sheriff is a writer, who is inspired by movies, psychology and culture, in general. He works for a high end branded store in Mauritius and aspires to be different.

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