Saturday, March 22, 2014

Pijush Kanti Deb- A Poem

Death- the Invincible

Universally disgusting and exhausting too-
the monotonous croaking,
yet a frog feels proud of its talent,
‘’What a sweat song, I sing!’’
Raises up its tiny singing face
to the inquisitive eyes and ears,
traverses every corners of garden,
fills its own ears, maybe, with honey
but others, definitely, with burning lava.

Let’s look at the normal co-incidence---
a hungry snake awakes up,
witnesses the foolish frog ,
blooms blissfully greed in the sharp eyes 
and blows thrilling hisses 
by the pair of tongues.
‘’What a delicious dish!’’
Within a fraction of a moment,
the croaking-box is swallowed up in a single bite,
makes everything silent as deep brine
with a merciless touch of chilled death.

Nevertheless, unabated is the human croaking too,
the babbling chatter-box is on---
proclaims their supremacy over other lives;
the exultant celebrates the victory,
builds monuments commemorating it,
everything- below ,on and above the land-
spontaneous to be arrested, controlled and regulated
for the fulfilment of non-controlled desires,
their tumultuous celebration reverberates
in the air and trembles the sky.

Let’s feel the inevitable co-incidence-
the almighty death-the invincible
smiles at the stupidity of the homosapians,
waits for the deadline drawn by a mysterious hand,
spends only a leaping,
the millions of discoveries and inventions
loss their magical power of resistance,
that’s all, the chatter-box becomes silent forever
obtaining all the haughty additions equal to zero.

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