Tuesday, March 11, 2014

James Babbs- Three Poems

All There Is

another sunday and
I drink hot coffee
sitting at the kitchen table
while outside the window
the dead grass of my lawn
burns bright in the sun
grapevines cling to the chain-link fence
near the broken cherry tree
still full of leaves
the evergreens always green and
the hum of the dryer
coming from the basement below
heat escaping through the vent
turning to fog
in the cold morning air
makes me think of ghosts


I want to know what happens
when the whiskey runs out
when I open up the fridge
and find there’s no more beer
when its Saturday night again
and I’m all alone
on Tuesday morning she told me
she didn’t want to see me anymore
so what happens now
when the light breaks through the window
when it touches the wall
but no longer looks real
what happens now
when everything I see
no matter what it is
reminds me of her
and I need to know what happens
when the darkness reaches out
and tries to pull me under
I wonder what happens
when nothing makes sense anymore
when I find myself in the corner
laughing for no reason
when the sky changes colors
and I finally lose my mind

20 Lines

this is a poem about nothing
nothing happens
nobody gets hurt
nobody falls in love
this isn’t a poem about rainbows
or puppies
or the sudden senseless death
of someone so young
this is a poem about nothing
I’m not trying to change the world
I don’t want to alter your mind
this poem has 20 lines
and it’s almost over
some of the lines are short
and some of them are long
you don’t have to read it
if you don’t want to
you probably have better things to do
trust me
you’re not missing anything

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