Monday, March 10, 2014

Marc Carver- A Poem


As I watched the Bafta's
I couldn't help but think
you get to a certain age
and you never win anything anymore.
Then the up and coming young star of the year came on
and I pictured myself as the oldest ever young rising star.
And the award goes to
Me thanking my lovely wife
and loyal ha ha family.
Then I thought about it some more
and decided against being a movie star
I would prefer to do something a little more worthwhile
so I did this instead.
We drove past the roundabout
there was a big tree laying on its back
roots torn from earth
"Get up you lazy bastard."I said
"No sleeping on the job."
Later,I thought how lucky he must of thought he was,
the road had come through there years ago,
all his brothers sacrificied for progress
but not him
he and two of his friends stayed in a sunny spot with only the punishment of watching cars all day long.
He was lucky
but today god told him his luck had run out.
A few days later I saw the men there who were cutting him up
no coffin for him
only in the making.

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