Sunday, March 23, 2014

Douglas Polk- Three Poems

A European Nation

european only in thought,
and geography,
the place the horse was tamed,
a land overrun,
from both the west,
and the east,
the Golden Horde,
Putin a student of history,
Ukraine not western,
was never meant to be,
instead shall return and remain with the east,
he argues it is foolish to try to be,
something out of reach,
a european nation.
Sparta and Athens
(history revisited)

descended from Sparta,
Putin knows the sword,
weakness contemptible,
the world exists in black and white,
Obama the Athenian,
dabbles in grays,
hedging and flowing with the changing truth,
Socrates at his worst,
no answers,
but only more questions,
the cultured man's curse,
questions unimportant in Putin's mind,
only the answers,
right or wrong,
the answers easily manipulated,
important to find,
Sparta and Athens,
a reoccurring theme,
through the centuries of time.


sunshine with snow on the way,
Spring late,
and unreliable,
the same with most things in this day and age,
in thought and action,
change the preferred state of being,
to be be anything and everything,
most often as not,

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