Saturday, March 22, 2014

Pramod Kumar Dubey- A Poem

The Night Always Sure

Lonely car burns on the smooth highway
Have the cops gone away or they never arrived?
And what happened to driver after the fire broke?
We have time to pee before we try to answer
Morning light ditched by the shadows of the low hanging clouds
Brand new umbrellas lost on the day of purchase
Dancers who never give credit
To the weed or the black rum mixed with coke
Dreamers who deny the existence of histories
How the free floating leaf found a wall in its way
How the eyes found shock in the old mirror
With all the curses delivered with pain and passion
And with all the blessings inhaled quietly by the busy narrow street
There was a tragic answer to all the questions
The night always sure about its darkness
The day always seen doubting its light

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