Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Linda M. Crate- Three Poems

swan to the jackal
like silver bells
dance on your lips
sings me sweet orgasms of love
your hands dance me
spasms of ecstasy,
dance over me
sweet tulips of laughter
whose fragrance spins me smiles
that never fade
unlike those tattered spider webs
blowing loose all the
misery of your
let me help reconstruct
everything you've lost and kiss
it all better
always i've loved you
then and now
i won't stop so never let me go
don't make me stay away
because you're the
only place that's ever felt
like home,
and i've wandered to many lakes
before finding your romance.

you're the music of my heart
you strum my consciousness
with lust and desire
a dangerous ocean of emotions
threatening to drown me in it's melody
a pleasure that sometimes
seems too good to be true,
but i'm glad that is
for you're the only song that
sounds good to my 
heart fluttering it's threadbare
wings to an unforgiving world
harsher than it's own
realities; i love
how the sun bends even a 
sparkle in your
magic hair
or how your brown eyes sparkle
in the moonlight
love the way you can make
me smile even if it
terrifies me that you hold
my heart,
and i only hope you never
crush it because i may be your
one but you are mine as
well; i love how your laughter makes
it seem like someday we'll be okay.

the making of forever

every moment without you
a knife in the chest
twisting and turning until
i can barely stand it
the silence is what i love most
slipping between us when
you're sleeping,
and the lull of your heartbeat
sings such pretty songs to me
and everything seems okay
before the chaos of
the day comes in with it's wrecking ball
decides that craziness will reign
i just like the quiet moments
of you and me,
the precious things no one can take
away from us
the memories that last: forever.

As first seen on DeviantArt ©2014.

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