Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Pijush Kanti Deb- A Poem

Me, My Smile and My Love

My smile and she- my love-
found together waiting
side by side and hand in hand,
keeping a distance from me and my dream,
deep - rooted in my eyes-
whether closed or open;
impose a painful separation to suffer
in each and every moment of lonely life,
float in between my dream and reality
and compel me to weep for overcoming
the frustrating distance.

A vast ocean of storm and stress-
it seems to my rudderless ship,
sinking down to the bottom of
death and destruction in any moment,
the fear- makes the distance unmeasured.

A colossal mountain of impediments-
it looks to my wingless life-bird,
falling down by a slip
near to  affront and humiliation,
the probability- throws thorns on the way to her.

An oasis-less desert of multi-difficulties,
it appears to my thirsty eyes,
getting lost in the maze of
illusions and confusions,
the phobia- adds more miles to the gap.

Oh God, let my weakness
be visualized by her noble heart,
my compulsion be perceived by her sacred soul,
the distance be effaced by her proceeded steps
Towards my poorness
and thus, a sweet conciliation be ensued soon
among me, my smile and my love.

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