Wednesday, March 26, 2014

David S. Pointer- Two Poems

Understanding The
Very Unequal Now

America was where
a backward greedy
system tricked most
of its people into
thinking it was a
progressive country
then it became very
powerful mopping up
in WWII also having
a historical fluke in
FDR who equalized
some for the continued
success of this system
then he died, greed didn’t.

     Off Set Exile

One day, my grandpa’s
niece’s husband Lloyd
Foreman of the Grapes
over Sisquoc Ranch
came to me because
Marshal Matt Dillon
had picked up a new
gig as Uncle Zeb, and
was coming to hunt
wild boar with his
entourage under the
name James Arness,
and nobody wanted
a damned kid running
around the hot forest
with his BB gun, and
that’s How The West
Was Won that morning
in the 1970s without me

About the Author: David S. Pointer has recent work in “Main Street Rag,” “Gutter Eloquence,” and elsewhere. His latest horror poetry book with Spanish translations will soon be available at “Blurb Books” online.

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