Friday, April 1, 2016

Robert Cooperman- A Poem

Trump in the Bunker

After three months of misrule, Generalissimo Trump
has barricaded himself in his underground bunker,
while furious protestors—armed with everything
from pitchforks to chain saws to guns of every
conceivable caliber—mass and demand he face
their rage, the crowd estimated to be over three million
and growing larger and more unruly by the minute.

This development comes after Trump’s promises
for a stronger, greater America, with jobs for everyone,
have proven to be nothing but hot, gaseous air,
while he made real estate deals with China and Russia,
selling such treasures as the Washington Monument,
the Lincoln Memorial, Old Faithful, and the Grand Canyon.
Moreover, he ordered the army and National Guard
to shoot all who questioned his methods and motives.

His policies have yielded unemployment surpassing
even those of the Great Depression, runs on banks
that had been transferring funds to Swiss institutions,
CEO’s abandoning the country on private jets,
while men, women and children on breadlines
have been bullwhipped when they tried to protest
the lack of jobs, food, and affordable housing,
while tent-city Hoovervilles, or Trumpvilles,
are being steamrolled and backhoed, to make way
for Trump luxury hotel-casinos and mega-mansions.

In the latest development, the mob has penetrated
the reinforced steel doors of the Trump bunker
and has dragged out the Supreme Leader
in much the same way that Italians paraded Mussolini
through the streets of Rome and exacted ultimate justice
on the fascist, for ruining their beautiful country.

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