Friday, April 1, 2016

Linda M. Crate- Two Poems

of (k)nights & lights 

the softness of petals, and the strength of trees. these are things i think we all should be. flexible yet rigid when it comes to our morals and resolve. kindness and mercy are not weaknesses. we all need a little love in our lives. in our vulnerability we find our strength. our tongues can be the sharpest blade or the softness that builds a heart up. the choice is ours. we decide our fates. we make the decision whether we're going to be heroes or villains. i aspire always to the light. i would rather be a hero than succumb to the darkness for while beautiful, the darkness holds many dangers that fade when the light exposes them. i aspire to be more than just a (k)night, i will be a light.

you know nothing of love 

i am a lover and a fighter. i am rei. you are  one of queen beryl's henchmen stunted in all the ways a boy masquerading as a man can be. i have never feared the moon's power as she is my mother. you, on the other hand, have always hidden from the light whether it be the sun or the moon. you always knew all the right things to say until you got bored. i tried to heal you, but you only tried to break me. you don't own that kind of power, honey. i rose from the hell you burdened me with. now i'll chastise you in the name of mars. because there are already too many monsters in this world. i will burn you in the flames of love. the ones i once used in an attempt to heal you will become the weapon that destroys you because love is the only power than can heal this world, but you know not of it.

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