Saturday, April 9, 2016

Linda M. Crate- Three Poems

killing the nightmare

i forgot my opinion didn't matter. that i'm to swallow down all my words and praise you. but you are no god—i will burn you in the flames of the holy water that is known as my rage. gave you an inch, and you took a mile. i'm done letting you walk over me. i am not your stepping stool or stairway to an easy life. i've had to work tooth and nail for everything i've had, and i will burn you on the tongue of my angriest rage if you try to take a thing from me. you don't get my time or my love or the choicest pieces of me—you get my rage and my unrelenting fire until you are nothing more than ash because you are the nightmare that haunts my dreams.

freed of the cage 

once i let you have everything for free, but i'm afraid that i'll have to charge you. i realized that i'm a price that you cannot afford—done giving away the best parts of me for free. everything comes for a price, dear, and that includes me. done giving my time and my life to toxic users who only want me to satisfy their need—so if you want me, i'm not yours to be had. i am done with you and your gilded cages. i broke free of you and i won't come back—you can call to me so prettily, but we both know it's a lie; that your only kindness is that in which you give yourself. go away, i'm a free bird and my song is not yours.

burn your apology 

you can take your apology and burn in the razor sharp teeth of the angriest moon. that's how much good it will do. i've walked away from everything and everyone who serves no purpose in my life—you were one of those. yet no matter how many times i tell you to leave me alone, you won't. you cannot force me to speak to you or to love you once more—you broke my trust and my heart—you get neither back. we were once friends, but you left our flowers to die. i will grow now in my own garden, and you will never have enough to pay the admittance fee. i am a price you cannot afford—enjoy the memories and pursue me no more—i am not yours to have.

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