Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Douglas Polk- Three Poems


sirens heard,
lights flashing in the rearview mirror,
the needle buried,
the car seems to almost fly,
Syria a lesson,
isis a cause,
policemen targeted,
its all a mirage,
the world in chaos,
inside people's heads,
thoughts no longer valued,
we as a nation,
more cultured and evolved,
just open the mouth,
and spew the toxic sludge,
rant and rave to the id's delight,
sirens heard,
far off,
in the dark deep night,
the lights flashing,
nearer and nearer,
in the rearview mirror.


lives changed,
as bombs explode,
strategies discussed,
theories expressed,
ideologies condemned,
or supported,
the reality,
lives changed,
graves dug,
sisters and brothers,
all lost,
lives changed,
while people wait,
for bombs to explode.
Religion Evolves

on page four hundred,
and sixty six,
according to my prayer book,
from nineteen hundred,
and twenty three,
the four sins,
which God truly hates,
willful murder,
the sin of sodom,
oppression of the poor,
and defrauding the laborer,
of his wages,
America now happily batting,
four for four,
religion no longer about salvation from sin,
but now,
only about love,
a child less love,
where fucking is all a couple must do,
to share God's love,
no sacrifices,
or commitments needed,
just sucking and fucking orifices,
and cocks,
its all about pure holy love,
sex equals love,
and love before God,
a new hierarchy,
in the world's beliefs,
killing babies,
a woman's choice,
it is her body,
her own legs,
she spreads,
if a fetus created, 
and gets in the way,
forced to execute a willful murder,
nothing can interfere with love,
too lazy,
or stupid,
to fuck with protection,
and sodomy not a sin,
for it can not be helped,
unable to fuck,
we are unable to live,
we must be allowed to fuck and suck to our souls' content,
otherwise God,
a mean and vindictive beast,
not allowing us to live in peace,
and oppressing the poor,
and defrauding the laborer his wages,
as we please.

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