Saturday, April 2, 2016

Charles Rammelkamp- Poem & Photo

Life of Slice

“Let the breath breathe you,”
the yoga instructor urges,
as we lie on our backs
in corpse pose – shavasana
at the conclusion of our practice.
It’s the usual mystical gobbledygook,
but what do I want?
A discussion of good and evil?
I’ve always been charmed by the notion
that breath is life. Pranayama.
Besides, I can’t argue with results.
I always feel so much better
after my weekly yoga class.

Namaste,” we all murmur,
rolling up our yoga mats,
putting on our shoes,
leaving the studio.

I pass the vacant pizza shop
on my way home.
Enormous sheets of brown paper
cover the plateglass windows.
“World’s largest slice!” a sign declares,
swinging loose over the awning outside.

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