Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Bruce Mundhenke- A Poem

The Locked Side

I used to spend time
On the locked side,
I worked there quite a lot.
Some were placed there
Not to hurt themselves,
Some not to hurt anyone else.
Some in their torment
Withdrew into themselves,
Some spread their torment around.
It took a key
To get into the locked side,
And it took a key to get out.
It was not easy for some to be there,
Nor easy for some to get out.
Some took their demons with them,
Others left them behind.
I no longer work on the locked side,
Now it's a memory,
And though some are still locked up there,
I no longer carry the key.

Bruce Mundhenke has worked in a clothing store,a car wash, a grocery store, a soybean processing plant, helped set up the circus, sold balloons, mowed lawns, worked as a registered nurse on a psychiatric unit, a medical surgical floor, and in a long term care facility. Currently, he is writing poetry and contemplating the nature of the universe.


  1. I read your bio so that would explain the poem.
    The key interested me the most. Do we all carry a key
    to get inside ourselves? And does that same key release us from our demons?

  2. I sense a Poe Rimbaud connection of sheer spontaneity
    in a articulation of meaningful in a spiritual congruity
    of symbolically longing for a pure language. Congrats!