Friday, October 30, 2015

Stefanie Bennett- A Poem

COLLOQUY for Michael Dransfield        
What can I say to you, for you are dying
In a too young
And delicate way.
My thoughts become terminal.
My tongue; it coagulates.
I suppose it goes without mention.
You’re gifted enough
So many
Try to impersonate. Does death
Debate unto itself
I’ve often wondered? And while
We’re ‘at it’, who then
                           Keeps score
Of the give and take! Who other
Than the ones left behind drag
            The branding-iron’s
Rusty fate...
The flame draws fore and aft from that
Half-opened door. Winter’s already
Crossed your eyelids shaded
In pale musings –, marking
Time it’s called
... Still-life with broken chair set on
Runners wild enough
To sail the moon
                          Face down.
You wrote a song about it.
‘Dying’s easy... !’
Come Spring, I’ll be over it –, as you
Are already over it. There’ll
Just be the legacy
Of another
Literary grief.
I write... because I must. You die
Because you will.
Stefanie Bennett has published several volumes of poetry and had poems appear with Pyrokinection, Snow Monkey, Ink, Sweat and Tears, Dead Snakes, Mad Swirl and others. Of mixed ancestry [Italian, Irish, Paugussett-Shawnee] she was born in Australia in 1945. Stefanie’s latest poetry title ‘The Vanishing’ was published by Walleah Press, 2015.

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