Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Peytin Grider- Three Poems

This is where we began

This is the town and this is the car
These are the words you said to me once
This is the place my father shook your
Hand and the rest of you
            This is the version of me
            You knew and tasted so long ago
            And now I am someone else

Mouse man

He’s got a brown and furry nature
A scurry nature
A nest-building nature
A chew it up nature
And I’ve got a fresh trap
With some lovely cheese
Just for his neck to break on

Losing the game

In my defense, by the time they told me
It was a game, it was much too late, so
To my chagrin, I lost the game
And I’m still trying to figure out
What the rules were to begin with.

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