Thursday, October 29, 2015

Linda M. Crate- Three Poems

let me be your moon girl 
i'll be your moon girl
shine through
your darkest nights,
and let you
shine so bright that
everyone sees your
light in the
i'll be your cool glass
of water
when your mouth burns
from words you'd have to
swallow down
to prevent yourself from
becoming a
i'll kiss you with the
darkest of nights
so you can 
your weary eyes,
and trust me
all your secrets are safely
housed in my bones;
and i will let the ocean 
erode you should
you need
or if you should only
need a lullaby
i will
sing you her song—
please just love
and hold me in your arms
never hurt me
under the fires of your
angriest words
or gaze;
don't kill me then hang
me in the bosom
of night
like a star because
i only ever 
want to shine—
together we'll cultivate
a garden in the
and the blooms will
shine as bright
as we do;
together we'll linger ever
for eternity
suspended in the most
powerful magic of all:
i will be your moon
girl should you
let me,
and you will be my sun
together we'll

let me, let us 
let my fingers get lost
in your hair
erode away all the noise
my ears don't need
to hear,
and let me focus on the chocolate
of your eyes
so determined and passionate as
let's land on the moon
just watch
as the earth spins
laugh so hard that we forget our misery—
just drive and we can go on
a road trip
take a thousand pictures of the trees and hills
and canyons and mountains and villages
we pass on our way,
and we'll sleep
for a thousand years of eternity
in one starless night
spent in one another's arms;
nothing can bring our ship down unless we 
allow it to—
so let's set sail in a ship no one
will ever find,
and find ourselves a new moon
dance until the birds join us
beneath the balmy
smile of the happiest sunshine.

swooning dreamer 
i always pine after men
who don't notice 
the ones with the long hair,
charisma, and the smiles that could
melt a thousand hearts at
go figure,
i'd fall in love with you
you're the same build as any of the others
i have fallen for—
maybe the impossible will happen
somehow you'll notice me
beneath a cherry sky and golden clouds
dancing across the
and you always light up the room when you walk in
i know everyone is always swooning
over you;
i cannot help but join the fan girls, too, because
you're not that average beauty king
i have seen pieces of your
authentic soul
i want to, need to know more—
let me love you,
and i know nothing will ever bring me down again
because of the golden psalms that radiate
in your smile. 

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