Sunday, October 11, 2015

Douglas Polk- Three Poems

A Political Rant

Obama visits Oregon,
but ignores Chicago,
because to him,
black lives do not matter,
Hillary the bitch,
shows her ignorance,
demanding gun shops,
liable for any gunshot deaths,
so which college should I sue for this incompetent bitch,
congressional republicans have no worries of guns,
only afraid of loud mouths,
who shoot from the hip,
words spoken,
without any thought,
Washington politicians,
universally despised,
and yet they have no clue,
why Trump leads in poll after poll,
the fear growing,
a loud mouth,
who shoots from the hip.

An Infection

nation after nation tumbles into chaos,
the cancer spreads along with people,
oozing over borders,
infecting everyone in its wake,
malpractice allowed the infection to begin,
and grow,
doctors replaced by shamans,
and quacks,
unfamilar with the body politic.

An Eternal Truth

the Catholic Churcch once taught,
a decision,
and not a condition,
not God's fault,
but even Jesus seemed to know the condition exists,
when Jesus talked of marriage,
in Matthew,
Chapter 19,
He said marriage is not for all,
and for some,
completely out of reach,
he further explained,
some are born that way,
others are made that way,
but marriage beyond their reach,
until the here and now,
and the enlightened justice of the United States Supreme Court,
5-4 that say Christ was wrong,
scriptures only fables,
for children and the fringe,
human judges,
with egos bigger than their brains,
their rulings the eternal truth,
enlightenment to be handed down through the ages.

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