Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Douglas Polk- Three Poems

All the World

the world never an empty stage,
understudies now perform,
ignorant and deattached,
egos bloated,
to be beaten down by history,
and the critics of the day,
the theater soon to be torn down,
at least,
that is what they say,
amateurs all,
I don't believe a fucking word.


socialist Bernie Sanders,
vanguard of the revolution,
living for decades off the government teat,
pretending to believe,
what he does,
is actually work,
controlling other people's lives,
and money,
the basis of his life,
angry the wealthy don't happily give,
or agree,
running people's lives,
creates a financial demand,
money needed,
to black mail,
and harass,
the voice of reason,
share and share alike,
yet Bernie the one to decide,
who pays the tab tonight,
but never him,
a true socialist,
vanguard of the revolution.

A Woman President

Slick Willie's marritial mate,
cold as an ice cube in bed,
few blamed him,
when he strayed,
running for president,
she now seeks a power all her own,
woman that she is,
cold as an ice cube in bed,
the womanly arts held no allure,
rather out think them,
or sneak them,
penis brains all,
much rather grab all the money,
and vice-grip their balls,
nominated for president in all but deed,
she the ball buster,
the country needs,
so women unite,
and bust some balls,
the nation is failing,
please heed Hillary's call,
black lives matter,
but not the most,
those are the female lives,
the ones,
old enough to vote.

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