Tuesday, October 13, 2015

J. Donnelly- Three Poems

Teeth are a gateway drug

It’s after your teeth get pulled
They drop off 15 white diamonds
Surrounded by dilapidated days
Lazy afternoons with nothing to do
Eyes wide open
Instant gratification
They place these specimens at your microscope
Your protozoans race up and down the small universe
Bursting with energy
Bursting at the seams for new seams
Delivered to the righteous membrane
Instantly following the billion members
Who vices close quickly as the thin metal bends
One way sign posts form from the embers
Grateful runaways surround the ashes
The burnt diaries of pill induced miasma 

Hacker tools

Hiding within the ease of access
Free downloadable packages
Fool proof manipulation
Old structures and whitewashed CEOs tremble
People push democracy to equality
Rebuilding over the exposed grasses
The old guard will twiddle thumbs
News anchors collapse from exhaustion
Bias leaks from the television and glows on the carpet
They wait around for a public outcry
And it never comes

Lady Liberty four fifteen AM

Around four fifteen AM
Lady Liberty steps out of her sandals
The water swooshes and breaks
Her legs sink into the smelly water
Pumping her arms till the sand touches her toes
These adventures aren’t condoned
They don’t happen often
Managers still complain
People want her to be a symbol
As the sun begins to rise
Tears roll down copper cheeks
She knows the walk home will be scary and long

J.Donnelly lives and writes in Astoria, NY. His chapbook is titled "The ECW and other poems."


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