Thursday, October 22, 2015

Dan A. Cardoza- A Poem


We sat on a bench near the river
I listened as you spoke
of what you dreamed
when you were a child
how you were fearless
in all your dreams

You said your life was full
and that the convenience
comfort of it all
was working
your dreams only broken
empty gardens of sleep

When we parted on that sunny afternoon
in our season
your smile betrayed you

You walked away
with all those unfulfilled dreams
and with each step you took
another sliver of darkness
piling its black wooden branches
at your heals
down the parkway path

I am proud of you though
you own your sadness
line and sinker 
you quit reaching
when someone broke your heart
took your trust and fractured your spirit

In a new season
it is my hope
that you begin to reach
one more time 
toward those
the ones your childhood promised

Dan participates in poetry readings throughout Northern California, and has shared his poetry with Dead Snakes as well as the Avocet, Ardent Poetry Journal and the California Quarterly to name a few. He's still chasing the Muse.

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