Thursday, October 15, 2015

Ananya S. Guha- Three Poems


What transpires
in moments of living
is the hard, stolid rock
of penitence
which only beyond knows.

And beyond lives a ruminating sage
of divine contemplation
ordained at his feet,
if only you would look
then your wild scattered brain
would hold in cupped handsiers
an unruffled, unweathered flower.



The poem saunters
is not livid
but in equipoise
tells us ancient
stories, narrated on
our mother's lap
the poem is another chapter, in life's episodic
trauma, but with subtile glint
takes us across
barriers of vast undulating moments,
of respite.


The images
which recede
from the mind
are glimpses
of the city's
eternal lights
images that fleet
are the mind's feet.

Bio: Ananya S Guha lives in Shillong, North East India. He has been writing and publishing poetry for the last thirty years. His poems have appeared in print and online publications, in India and abroad. He holds a doctoral degree on the novels of William Golding.

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