Sunday, October 11, 2015

JD DeHart- Three Poems


Let me give you a few
pointers, the old voice says,
and I try not to buck

It would be so easy to discount
a generation and move on
in furious pride

So I stop my young mind
and pause to listen, putting
envy aside, and glean.

Vocabulary Lesson

It's not often you learn
a new word after a certain time,
but I'm finding there's always
room to learn

Even after teaching for years,
even after taking various
degrees, even after reading
and reading more,

The mouth can still form a new
word, the mind can still shape
a new concept.

Still Have Me

Yes, you still have me, dear,
and yes I see the pattern
of men in movies, creatures
of failure, but my vows are still
what they were
and I still hope to be better,
speak kindly, and make progress.

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