Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Linda M. Crate- Three Poems

revenge of the cat 
you always fancied yourself as batman
gotham's dark knight,
but you're just the joker caught
in a masquerade
with harley quinn;
i can see right through your disguise
there are no wheel chairs that
can keep the truth
from being exposed—
and i know you don't think much of me
but you will see underestimating
me is a mistake,
i am more than you can fathom;
you should have just laid in that vat of poison
because even ivy cannot save you from
the fate i will bestow upon you
come seek the cat
i will show you that i have nine lives,
but you only have one—
every choir in my head is singing for your sorrow
for all the tears you've poured down my 
cheeks in their lead.

the last laugh  
you're no superman,
and i'm not lois lane;
you're no batman,
and i'm no
you're no cyclops
because i'm jean grey
i can show you kindness but 
also the wrath of the
burning brightly in me
is this passion
that will never die—
i thought maybe you could help
save me from myself,
but you're not scott
so you couldn't;
i will destroy you for your dishonesty
because virtue and honor are
things worthy of respect
you scoff at them and embrace your lies
as truths—
i'll take a note out of logan's book
slash through all your hopes and dreams
you thought you would destroy me,
but i'll have the last laugh.

you told me once
i couldn't be
but if you're cyclops
there's no one else i'd rather
i will rip apart from you
your jean grey
sneer and snarl and throw salt
into all your opened wounds
scoff at your ice queen
because even diamonds can be broken,
and i've never liked emma frost
lingerie extraordinaire
queen of the sluts—
you wanted to flash your red light 
until all my dreams laid
beneath your boots,
so i'll come howling like the angriest moon
use my steel claws to rip all your dreams
to shreds until you don't know
what it's like to remember
then i will continue ripping you into every
wing of oblivion
you told me i didn't have a temper
do you see me now?

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