Sunday, October 18, 2015

Daniel Klawitter- A Poem

If I Were Edgar Allen Poe

If I were Edgar Allen Poe-
There’s many things that I would know:
Like terror, suspense, and atmosphere-
And crumbling castles full of fear.

I’d write of prophetic and chatty ravens-
Cats in walls and gloomy maidens.
Buried hearts that tick like clocks-
And bells that ring and never stop.

I’d invent the genre of detective-
But critics would consider me defective.
I’d have a mustache and jet-black hair-
My eyes would have a haunted stare.

I’d have a fondness for intoxication-
And manic moods with strange vibrations:
Just like the ocean or like the sea-
That claimed my beautiful, Annabel Lee.

And people would read my poems today-
Despite their sing-song, rhythmic sway.
These are a few things that I know-
If I were Edgar Allen Poe.


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