Saturday, February 14, 2015

Tamara Turner- A Poem & Picture

Scarlet Trouble

A more lovely pirate
You have never seen
Always accompanied by
Ruby and Crimson
Nay the gore a drip
Curvaceous dagger
Rather magnificent dual-
Duel-headed beast
Combat compatriots
Acutely wise to
Darkness creeping
Of all kinds
Many a man has been
Known to call out
For grace and mercy yet
Offered it is not
Tendered there be instead
Bloody kisses overture
As Piratess Scarlet
Collects their skulls
Blade wet though at rest
Danger now past
Exhilaration calms
Quiet peace settles upon
Master and loyal comingled
Companion pet
Undoubtedly unduplicated
Ruby Grace and Crimson Mercy 

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