Thursday, February 12, 2015

Douglas Polk- Three Poems

America Now

equal rights demanded for the perverse and the obscene,
pot promoted,
a drug induced haze,
to fog the brain,
live and let live,
except for the unborn,
slaughter them bastards,
sex not enjoyable,
if it results in a kid,
equal rights,
assholes for all,
in condoms we trust.

the anti-Christ,
in thought and deed,
successful and eloquent,
beyond belief,
no right or wrong,
black or white,
only a paralyzing gray,
no truths sought,
inaction and doubt,
the goal attained,
while the evil allowed to grow. 

hope and change,
when power held,
people instead,
cope and rage,
class warfare,
anarchy baby,
desperate for the power to remain,
safe and protected,
from new voices,
declaring hope and change. 

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