Friday, February 27, 2015

Joseph Donnelly- A Poem

Creepy City trees
A tree touches me at night
Creepy shadows embrace my body
I shiver
Wanting to let go but he has too many arms
Pulling me in near the trunk
Showing me its bark
All moldy and grey
I’m too scared to tell the grounds keeper
Worried he will get chopped down
Made into fire wood
burned for everyone to see
The shadows hide other victims
They leap in and out of the darkness
Confident in a cowardly ways
Watching me struggle not to become them
In the day time I only see branches with blue birds
Singing sweet songs and making sounds of Spring
Last night’s thunder storm falls from their appendages
Making the ground too wet to walk on
People pass by and smile
Temporary daytime visitors
The ones who will never understand
Why the leaves fall to their own death

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