Monday, February 9, 2015

Pijush Kanti Deb- Three Poems

Community Project
We ought to be wakeful and worried too
realizing the rotation of green earth
ignoring the all-round red alert of reformation,
carrying millions of red stomachs
painted by the exploitation, the humiliation
and the fire of anger,
drawn by the black hands-
ambidextrous in manipulating
the community project of social forestry
that could make the earth greener
and the fire of hunger and humiliation
could be extinguished,
by ensnaring it to make the flowers and the fruits
localized only on the branches
adjacent to the windows of the lucky stomachs-
already blessed to be full always
and capable to digest even the whole trees
before these can spray green color all around
and before these can conceive fruits
in all the branches equitably
adjacent to broken windows of the hungry stomachs.
Let the earth be remain busy
in its rotation and revolution
and the world be unmindful to the red alert,
along with this
let a hole be booked for a captive and hungry cat
to find its own freedom
otherwise it may shape itself
even stronger and more ferocious than a tiger.

Tears and Smile

A few drops of tears
and some seeds of smile
feel happy and disturbed too
to cultivate the soft or hard land of heart
and with the touch of love and hatred
harvest a wonderful epic
which is to be remembered forever
with tears and smile but never forget
to inspire the thirsty clouds
to fall in love with the oceans
for one another’s rejuvenation,
influence the plains and hills
to embellish themselves
with enchanting vegetation
to solicit the feathery singers
who find new tune to sing-
maybe, harsh or melodious
and down on the land
make the people habituated
in driving their life-vehicles,
ever-fueled by tears only-
the outcome of their sorrow and happiness.

The Compromising Metaphors 

Whenever I go for an outing
I am compelled to go alone
garlanding myself
with a chain of magical metaphors
ensnaring me to think of my own shadow
as your hot and sweet company-
made only of innocuous spices
no logical contradictions,
no war of pride and contumacy
and no winning or losing consequence
those were held responsible before
for our foolish separation
from each other
and living somehow with the company
of the compromising metaphors
leaving the thirst of
each other’s passionate love unquenched
but enjoying the tastes of many things
from nothing
as I am always well accompanied by
my affirmative shadow and metaphors.

Pijush Kanti Deb is a new Indian poet with more than 210 published or accepted poems and haiku in more than 59 nos of national and international magazines and journals [,print and online] like Down in the dirt, Tajmahal Review, Pennine Ink, Hollow Publishing, Creativica Magazine, Muse India, Teeth Dream Magazine, Hermes Poetry Journal, Madusa’s Kitchen,Grey Borders, Dead Snakes, Dagda Publishing and so on. His best achievement so far is the publication of his first poetry collection,’’Beneath The Shadow Of A White Pigeon’’published by Hollow Publishing is available on AMAZON visiting the link,

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