Sunday, February 15, 2015

Douglas Polk- Three Poems

Of Man

hell on earth,
a spreading curse,
breathe the hate,
wade in the violence,
and the blood,
differences demand destruction,
mankind not a blanket,
but a quilt,
the pieces of cloth,
ripped apart,
tattered and torn,
to be restitched,
a death shroud,
sanitary and colorless,
to hide the blood.

The Joke

morality a joke,
children raped,
children die,
better their children,
than our own,
fences built,
prayers said to protect this land,
politicians rationalize,
while innocents murdered,
morality a joke.
Not  At This Occasion

Russia slowly devours the Ukraine,
while Germany and Europe wring their hands,
the past remembered,
the nightmares still real,
the conflict,
ignored by the United States,
we'd much rather smoke our pot,
and discuss the marital status of a bunch of gays,
communism wasn't such a bad thing,
it had a health plan,
the government helping people,
its fingers into everything,
and Putin's not a communist,
just a thug,
why is it America's problem . . . . .
pot soon to become,
what Vodka was,
deadening the senses,
and the horror.

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