Saturday, February 21, 2015

Dennis Weiser- A Poem

Johnson Poem

With economy of grip
he strips bark from wood
& inimagination hears a thousand howling cheers
deathsnaps in air!
& hesees: the Canine Funeral Procession
pull by phantasmagorically with a long woof.
With economy of grip & grin he thinks
“how fitting” it is dogwood that he strips
& inimagination, Herculean Johnson corners
his horde of yellow snarling yapping curs…
His pleasant egodreams now dancing high atop the roof,
with economy of grip on handy plane
he trips over a stool and yelping pain,
with economy of glide
& his eye slipped, slides the blade along
a long ways of his own arm—as,
wond’ring oddly (even now) what harm he did himself
& yelping with pain, with no
economy of pain

Poet, novelist and philosopher Dennis Weiser is former weekly columnist for The Kansas City Business Journal and book reviewer at NPR affiliate KCUR-FM in Kansas City, Missouri. Tzytzyan Ysalane won first prize for prose fiction at the 2004 Chicago Printers Row Book Fair. He earned his BA in Liberal Arts at Westminster College in 1978, and his MA in Philosophy at The University of Kansas in 1991. His most recent work is The Axis of History, Volume One of Sinister Dynamic: Global Governance and the Reconstruction of Nature (October Surprise 2014), the Winter Selection of 3RDAWAKENING BOOKS. A member of the Academy of American Poets, Dennis is currently writing his third novel, a historical mystery set in 1879 Java against the backdrop of Dutch colonial exploitation.

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