Saturday, February 21, 2015

Linda M. Crate- Three Poems

love strong 
i have never gotten it right
my love burns bright
they always escape it,
i hope that you're different
don't escape me with
a mere noncommittal shrug;
because the second i met you i knew
i could love you forever
never have believed in love at
first sight,
but you changed that—
there's an energy about you that draws
me like a moth to the light
because you're different
than anyone i've ever known and i like that,
and i can only hope that my quirks
don't drive you away
because heaven only knows i am not perfect
yet flawed as i am i still shine with a light
that never dies.

i cannot fight this love
as irrational as it is,
but i've tried convincing myself to stop
to no avail
because the more my mind says no
my heart insists yes;
and why should i give up before we've even
maybe you could love me
the way i've always admired you
just have to get over all these
damned insecurities,
and i know the best things come to those who wait
i just want us to begin now
to set sail on a voyage that would never end
i could be your ocean and you could be my moon
you're my whole sky;
just let me love you like i've always dreamed of
and i'll never let you crash and burn
i'll reignite your spark when it
dims and dies
just say you love me, too.

beautiful eternity 
you shine brighter 
than a diamond,
but you still cut into the glass of me
leave me gasping for breath
when our eyes meet;
the world is full of beautiful people
and you are the one
my heart cannot forget—
i wish i could show you how much i love you,
but there would not be enough time
to count infinity so 
perhaps you'll just have to trust me;
and i know it's hard
heaven only knows distance is my favorite tool
to protect myself from being cut again—
i don't understand people
as much i sometimes try and when i think i've reached
the bottom of the rabbit hole there is always
a twist and turn i suspect but is never
some people are one-dimensional by choice,
and i don't understand—
but i can fathom this: that love is the only magic
we have in this world that can light the world aflame
in kindness and mercy,
and my heart ceaselessly gives itself to you
because you are like me
you shine with a light that never dies,
and so let us shine on forever
because we all deserve a beautiful eternity.

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