Friday, February 6, 2015

Hannah Uffens- Three Poems

Cigarette Muse                                              

When you wear that limp shawl, with the black background and outspoken flowers
it reminds me of her
sitting in yellow fabric, like a child’s swing made of greasy plastic
and creases of metal that hold her, infested with orange rust
thick grasses make a sickly rainbow of only yellow and green
swirling around bare feet, dirt impeding every hardship taken
spirals and cords of blonde hang around her face resting on creviced bones
the shawl, with resilient threads and visibility lines
covers only shoulders and attempts in vain to protect leathery hips

Harsh nails balancing a deep breath for three in the afternoon
elbow perched for flight
smoke and heat waves meet like desert hands and swollen mouths
blurring parallel lines and a lopsided door resemble the hem of a shirt
dotted with black flies and cramped medicine cabinets

Ex-boyfriends, flat tires and sunken radio dials
sold love and salty tongues
mascara stomped down cheeks
cigarette muse

Leather Controversy                                        

Are green souls
made out of saying no to leather
and writing poetry
eating chickpeas
and crinkly hair

Are yellow souls
made out of long eyelashes
and Grapevine Fires
rejuvenating smiles
and controlled chaos

Wine Stains                                                      

Years of adolescence
mean nothing to you

But I can see it
in the silky electrical wires that hang from your bones
a corpse of cello heart beats
your shoulder blades fold with bias
and fine point letters from intoxication
reach for your neck when you sigh

I want to kiss the black moons under your eyes
and string your wine stained fingers between mine
pursing on words you say
rimmed eyes of pastiche and red stretched lust

heart pulses down to fossils
swooning to levels of mantle
and .08

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