Saturday, February 21, 2015

Douglas Polk- Three Poems

Redneck Rant

democracy only works for men,
honorable and good,
with morality gone,
democracy decays,
liars speak from the senate floor,
and the white house podium,
pathetic people,
shells of humanity,
without any core,
socialists and idiots run a muck,
searching for money to steal,
and women to fuck,
America no longer a place,
in God we trust,
now its government handouts,
the carrot or the whip,
politicians talking freedom,
only a bunch of shit,
control is power,
and power control,
parasites unable to live on their own,
play on citizens' fears,
and threaten their homes,
chaos inching closer and closer,
with each passing year,
time long past,
to stock up on ammo,
whiskey and beer.

when insane,
limits exist,
and boundaries defined,
no freedom,
to just think or feel,
each emotion or thought,
a frog from sophomore biology,
dead and smelly,
the borders of sanity,
change day to day,
touchy, feely, bullshit,
the reality of the few,
warping the reality of the many,
creating a reality for the ignorant,
and the demented,
sanity then,
the realm of the little minds,
politically correct,
masturbating behind closed doors,
to the small ideas,
crazy enough to seem sane,
to the mindless,
fitting in the boundaries,
taking up little space,
and no thought at all.

Peter Pan in a grown up world,
battling Captain Hook,
surly a republican,
making croc bait out of the middle class,
outdated pixie dust,
he's only tool.

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