Sunday, February 15, 2015

Keith Wesley Combs- A Poem

beyond all the vices.

who are the delinquents
that steal our food
who run the guns
across the border
to make easy money to build
nice homes
who walk the streets
to find their next trick
who frequents the crack houses
to find their next fix?

it is all a game.
from the pushers
to the hookers
to the drunks and junkies
nothing has changed.
all the crimes
come from the same place
as many years ago.
no religion
no redemption
no cop
no law
can reverse the outcome.
it won't
it never will be.
the insanity in the world
will always be insane
and the justice
will be a million miles away.

I am a union painter who likes to write poetry and short stories. I live in Kennewick, WA
and have lived here for 34 years. I write about my life, life in general and my travels on
the road. My work has appeared in Main Street Rag, Pearl, Struggle, Atlantic Pacific Press
and many more.


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