Friday, February 6, 2015

Parker Weston- A Poem


Artists are terrorists lazy ones and will be treated as such, receiving a fair trial for their crimes of creativity. The snobbier the subversion, the harsher the justifiable punishment. We must not allow a world where everyone can see the art in everything. This constructive anarchy will not stand. The only exception to this will be commercial art, the one and true valuable form that drives advertising and consumerism. Do your part and avert your eyes from this educational pornography and alert the authorities if you find your thoughts provoked. We have nothing to fear, except art itself. So, ask not how art can destroy us, but how we can destroy art. Thank you and goodnight. Coming up next are some products you should buy as a reason to go outside your homes and contribute to social pollution. To the law-abiding and non-creative, badges of ignorance are available through the department of homeland insecurity.

Parker Weston is a multimedia artist residing in Mesa, Arizona (voted the most conservative big city in the United States) mainly focused on assemblage/sculpture. He has a comic strip, Animation Taxidermy, several short animations and musical project Stembreo, to boot. When he was a child, an overpaid psychic told his mother that he would be a writer someday. He was relieved later that she was spared the news that along the way he would be an adult shop janitor and backpacking drifter before this writing business ever came into effect.

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