Friday, September 13, 2013

P.K. Deb- A Poem

Love-a scrutiny

Practically love is synonymous to a game
Ought to play skilfully to be a winner
To the loser, grapes are always sour
So he traduces and cries---
Love is a well planned sabotage of misfortune
To sombrous the way of destiny,
An immersion of the hilarious days of life
And an atonement to expiate forever.
But a winner sings blissfully---
Love is an abrupt flush of light
To discover the destiny at a glance,
The winning of someone special
Despite of getting himself lost,
The beginning of tumultuous days of life
Succeeding the days of storm and stress,
The witnessing of the splendour of beauty
As the illumination to repulse the darkness
And above all, an opportunity to be a God
To enjoy heavenly pleasure of earthly creation.


  1. so beautiful. great piece

  2. Love is really like this, fantastic poem.

  3. I really enjoyed reading this poem, bcoz it shows how love influence in human life.