Thursday, September 5, 2013

Linda M. Crate- A Poem

the smashed
black eyed susan on
the sidewalk reminds me
of my crumpled heart
starved of your love
the sun shines and the clouds
smile their promise,
but i am without you;
walking hurts when it's not
your hand i can hold onto
when i can't lay with you at night
life seems so meaningless
without the sound of your laughter
the brightness of sky dancing
in your winter born eyes,
and if i could do it all over again
i'd find a way to never leave
so maybe this wouldn't have happened
that you'd find someone in my absence
when i was scraping pennies
to return to you -
i didn't want freedom,
all i've ever wanted was your love
your happiness and to watch our dreams
come true together,
but my novel is being published and all i can
feel is the cold tug of regret that you're
not here to share it with me.

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