Sunday, September 15, 2013

Brittany Fonte- A Poem

Psychotherapy at the Beach

Shoreline pinpricks,
bare feet, salt licks,
humbling drowning,
one toe at a time.
These feet
meet me at the core of my moor.
Ask questions, afloat;
stage reactions, rote.
Lunge for internal sun that skips/
skip/skips mutinous mistakes.
But I am sprayed with retakes
in the wake of jellyfish,
jealousy, lists upon lists,
sea shells, selling out,
loving (in, or on, or without…),
leaving all my falls like footprints.
(Defense. Stalling.)
Incensed, I am always over-watered,
then erased.

Brittany Fonte holds an MFA in Creative Writing, Fiction. She has two books out, one coming in October, and was co-editor for a fabulous, contemporary queer poetry and spoken word anthology titled _Flicker and Spark_. She prefers strong coffee and flat running surfaces.

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