Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Lloyd Wayne Russell- A Poem

Life Without a Safety Net 

Standing in the aura 
small hours 
at last.
Starving for the knowledge 
of bliss
drinking from the fountain
of a faded youth
forever gone. 
Middle age has an 
unrelenting strangle hold
around my neck
"you must except this"
the voices sardonically 
I am finding it most difficult  
this being alone
riding shotgun on 
the ramshackle dregs
of a society 
and at downfall.
I threw heart shaped stones 
at the
glass houses along 
the beaches shoreline  
on my way back
from this cataclysmic 
voyage into the abyss.
the last 
22 years of 
strange mishaps
have taken their toll.
And then finally 
one insane morning 
I awoke 
finding the safety net had been 
a ruse all along. 


Wayne hails from Tampa , Florida and has been doing creative writing since he was five years old. Wayne has been published in various zines over the years, including The Cannon's Mouth Quarterly, The Rolling Thunder Press, and Poets Espresso.

Wayne's first flash fiction story “Breaking Point”, has recently been published published at Staxtes.com Greek Literary Review via their “English Wednesdays” Internet zine.

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