Monday, September 23, 2013

Glenn Hardin- Three Poems


The gods of chaos rattle
cold metallic air down the back
of my neck, and they blindside
my karma.  My fingernails
begin to itch, and my skin
erupts with a miracle dose
of my blotchy inner life.
My outmuscled soul curls
into a ball and the dung beetles
roll it away.  I've forgotten
more than I remember, but guess
what?  I remember everything
again.  It's not a curse,
but the payback channels
a gaggle of stars,
and the divine wrinkles home
a fractal reality that speaks
for itself and tells me to stop.

for Tammy Dietz

Please Tammy, don't you be upset
if I cough up more than I ate.
The wizards of love march
on the tombstone in my heart,
and they choke the weeds there
for nettles, that's all it is.
And because I follow their lead I can
waltz the vultures down, I can stare
at death like any mystic will.
And because I follow their lead
built up toxins rumble through me
at odd hours visions I can eat
on a stick but can't swallow.


Laughing that time
is in a hurry against him,
Rembrandt van Rijn
laughs at you and me too,
his uglified nose
a carney outlaw meant
to scare the pants off
the ghost in his eyes,
opening the lines
in his face
so you can almost hear
his low country cackle
and feel his body heat,
so you can clear the way
to see for yourself
his look of triumph;
spoils of the war
with himself the red
and yellow light wins
for keeping him alive.

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