Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Michael Keshigian- Two Poems


Noise to his silence,
light to his darkness
she walks through his brain
singing and spins melodies
in his head.

He hears her small breathing
when she hides
in closets with no handles
and surprises him in the shower,
her body all soapy.

She slips in and out of beautiful
yet he sees her just the same
and sometimes wonders
how she arrived
and what her mission might be.

The years sneak by
like mice across the field,
yet she remains as unexplainable
as her underwear hanging on the line
in his basement workshop.


A propellant
when she smiles, 
she kindles a flame
as she strokes my hair,
kisses my cheek,
or brushes against my torso.
When she grasps my hand
and giggles, I blush.
My eyes reflect
the fever she incites,
though she speaks in riddles
and feels strange and ungainly
in my arms.
I am victim of her charms,
clever as a Mozart symphony
minus the finale.

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